Monday, May 27, 2024


Table of Contents


  1. A tray containing the following:
    • Medication
    • Drinking cup
    • Bottle of water
    • Spoon in a saucer or measuring cup
    • Medication Treatment Chart (Manual or Electronic)
    • Pill-crushing device if necessary


  1. Check for the right patient, right medication, right time, right dose against doctor’s order and treatment chart (manual or electronic) as well as the expiry date
  2. Establish rapport (Refer to steps)
  3. Explain procedure to patient and ensure patient’s right to know/consent and to refuse
  4. Perform hand hygiene
  5. Prepare and send tray to the bedside
  6. Read the label on the package and compare with patient’s treatment chart (manual or electronic)
  7. Take out the medication and compare with the patient treatment chart (manual or electronic) for the dosage
  8. Pour out water into a drinking cup if it is to be administered orally
  9. Take the tablet with a spoon
  10. Give the tablet to the patient and ensure patient:
    • Swallow with the aid of water if it is to be administered orally
    • Place the medication under the tongue and allow to dissolve if it is to be administered sublingually
    • Place the medication in between the cheeks and allow to dissolve if it is to be administered buccally
  11. Stay with patient until all medications are taken
  12. Engage patient in a brief conversation to assess if all medications are swallowed or retained in the mouth
  13. Congratulate patient and make him/her assume a desirable position
  14. Observe patient for any adverse reaction
  15. Encourage patient to report any adverse reaction
  16. Dispose off used items
  17. Perform hand hygiene
  18. Document procedure in the nurses’ note and chart on treatment chart (manual or electronic)
  19. Check on patient after thirty (30) minutes for therapeutic effect