Monday, May 27, 2024


Table of Contents


  1. A tray containing the following:
    1. Patient’s treatment chart
    2. Disposable spoon
    3. A jug of water
    4. Plastic cup of water on a plastic saucer
    5. Tissue paper
    6. Patient’s medication(s)
  2. Patient’s folder (Electronic/Manual)


  1. Establish rapport (refer procedure) and explain procedure to the patient
  2. Identify and check for the rights of medication administration (e.g. right patient, right tablet(s), right to refuse, right documentation, etc.)
  3. Get patient seated at a convenient place if possible
  4. Perform hand hygiene
  5. Prepare tray and send to where patient is or follow patient with the drug
  6. Check the prescription again with the medication
  7. Serve tablet(s) to patient and instruct him/her to take it with water or put tablet(s) into his/her mouth after suggesting to him/her to open his/her mouth using the spoon
  8. Give patient sufficient water to drink and encourage him/her to swallow the tablet(s)
  9. Ask patient to open the mouth, inspect the mouth and under the tongue to make sure that he/she has swallowed the tablet(s) ( This can be done by engaging the patient in a conversation)
  10. Express appreciation to patient and direct him/her to the next activity
  11. Clear tray and perform hand hygiene
  12. Sign the treatment chart and document procedure in nurses’ notes/ patient’s folder
  13. Observe patient for the effects of the medication and report