Monday, May 27, 2024


Table of Contents


  1. General requirements
  2. Long mackintosh or waterproof sheet
  3. Two bath blanket or flannelette
  4. Drip stand
  5. Vital signs tray
  6. Oxygen apparatus
  7. Suction machine
  8. Medication tray
  9. Hot water bottle if necessary


  1. Perform hand hygiene
  2. Collect, arrange items on trolley and send to bedside
  3. Arrange items in order of use on a chair or heart table
  4. Place bottom sheet evenly on the bed
  5. Pull sheet tight so that there are no creases
  6. Tuck the sheet evenly under the mattress at the top and bottom using enveloped or mitered corners
  7. Place bed mat or draw mackintosh at the mid portion of the bed
  8. Cover mackintosh with draw sheet and tuck in at the sides
  9. Slip the pillow cases on the pillows with an assistant
  10. Place pillows on bed with open ends away from the entrance
  11. Place long mackintosh over the pillow and the bottom sheet and tuck around
  12. Place one bath blanket or flannelette over the mackintosh and fold under itself
  13. Place second bath blanket over the bed
  14. Put in hot water bottles if necessary
  15. Put on top bed clothes
  16. Place counterpane loosely over the top bed clothes (if necessary)
  17. Tuck in the bed clothes on the other side
  18. Fold the bed clothes on the other side nearest to the door, leaving it open to facilitate quick admittance
  19. Place bed accessories at the appropriate sides of the bed
  20. Perform hand hygiene
  21. Remove trolley and chairs