Monday, May 27, 2024


Table of Contents


  1. A tray containing the following:
    • Tooth brush, chewing sponge or stick and tooth paste
    • A jug of water and a cup
    • Mouth wash (Optional)
    • Vomitus bowel
    • Bowl for dentures if any
    • Lip balm e.g. glycerine or vaseline
    • Orange sticks (toothpick)
    • Jaconet cape/adult bib


  1. Establish rapport (Refer to steps)
  2. Explain procedure to patient
  3. Assess patient capabilities to participate in the care
  4. Perform hand hygiene
  5. Arrange requirement within patient’s reach
  6. Assist patient into a desirable position
  7. Place jaconet cape/adult bib under the chin of patient (manual or electronic)
  8. Give brush with paste/chewing sponge/stick to patient
  9. Encourage patient to brush the teeth or assist patient to brush the teeth
  10. Ensure patient cleans the mouth thoroughly and gently paying attention to the cheeks, both sides of gums, tongue and palates
  11. Give water to rinse the mouth and void content into the vomitus bowel
  12. Dilute the mouth wash, encourage patient to gargle and void content into the vomitus bowel
  13. Clean patient mouth and apply lip balm
  14. Assist patient in a desirable in bed
  15. Dispose off and clean used items
  16. Perform hand hygiene
  17. Record procedure and report findings (manual or electronic)