Monday, May 27, 2024


Table of Contents


  1. A tray containing the following:
    1. Tooth paste and tooth brush or chewing stick/sponge
    2. Water in a plastic cup
    3. Receiver if there is no sink
    4. Mouth wash
    5. Protective material
    6. Lip balm
    7. Paper tissue
    8. Examination gloves
    9. Face mask
    10. Goggles
  2. Running tap and sink
  3. Screen
  4. Assisting nurse(s)


  1. Establish rapport (refer procedure)
  2. Explain procedure to patient
  3. Discuss with patient the preferred tooth paste and brush or chewing stick/sponge to be used
  4. Provide privacy and call for assistance when necessary
  5. Prepare tray to be used for the procedure
  6. Coax patient to the bathroom/appropriate place using persuasion and minimum force
  7. Sit patient on a chair/stool or allow patient to stand as desired
  8. Sit/stand in front of the patient where necessary
  9. Place protective material under patient’s chin
  10. Give patient some water to rinse the mouth into sink/receiver
  11. Assist patient to brush with paste of choice or chewing stick/sponge
  12. Encourage and assist patient to clean the teeth, tongue and inner cheeks properly
  13. Give patient water to rinse mouth into sink/receiver
  14. Provide mouth wash if available
  15. Give tissue paper to patient and assist him/her to wipe the lips
  16. Inspect patient’s mouth for any abnormality (stomatitis, coated tongue etc.)
  17. Apply lip balm to the lips if dried or cracked
  18. Remove protective material
  19. Express appreciation to patient and direct him/her to the next activity
  20. Remove screen, clear tray, decontaminate used items and perform hand hygiene
  21. Document procedure, report any abnormalities and indicate patient’s level of co-operation in the nurses’ notes/patient’s folder