Monday, May 27, 2024


Table of Contents


  1. Wet wipes
  2. Diapers
  3. Chairs
  4. Pillows
  5. Bowl with water and soap
  6. Tissue or clean towel


  1. Establish rapport (Refer steps)
  2. Explain procedure (Refer steps)
  3. Encourage mother to empty bladder
  4. Perform hand hygiene and ensure mother does same
  5. Allow mother to choose preferred position
  6. Ensure baby is dry and comfortable
  7. Sit beside client
  8. Allow baby’s head to rest in the crook of the client’s elbow
  9. Allow baby’s buttocks to rest in client’s palm while supporting baby’s back
  10. Assist client to ensure baby’s shoulders and hips are in alignment
  11. Help client to position baby so that the abdomen touches client’s abdomen
  12. Assist client to adjust baby’s position to enable baby’s chin to touch the breast
  13. Teach client to elicit rooting reflex
  14. Assist client to insert the nipple and areola of the breast into baby’s well opened mouth  
  15. Instruct client to admire and talk to baby as it suckles
  16. Educate client to allow baby to empty one breast completely before offering the other
  17. Allow baby to release the breast after feeding and avoid forceful removal
  18. Educate client to break wind after feeding
  19. Express appreciation to client for her effort
  20. Perform hand hygiene
  21. Record findings into Maternal and Child Health Record Book (Manual/ Electronic)
  22. Report findings to officer-in-charge