Thursday, April 18, 2024


Table of Contents


  1. A trolley containing:
    1. Top shelf
      1. Bowl/basin for the bath water
      2. Face towel/sponge
      3. Soap in a dish
      4. Comb and hair brush
      5. Talcum powder
      6. Tooth brush and tooth paste/chewing sponge/stick
      7. Bath thermometer
      8. Nail cutter
      9. Kidney dish
    2. Bottom shelf:
      1. Bowl /bucket to receive used water
      2. Two jugs for hot and cold water
      3. Bath towels
      4. Draw sheet/cloth, bed sheets
      5. Mackintosh
      6. Gown
      7. Bin for soiled linen
      8. Mirror
      9. Patient clothes
      10. Preferred body cream/lotion
      11. Covered bedpan/urinal
      12. Tissue paper
      13. Examination gloves
  2. Screen
  3. Assisting nurse(s)
  4. Chairs


  1. Establish rapport (refer procedure)
  2. Explain the procedure to the patient
  3. Prepare the trolley and send it to the patient’s bedside
  4. Call for an assistant
  5. Provide privacy and offer bedpan/urinal if required
  6. Remove bedpan/urinal if used and empty them
  7. Place chairs in position
  8. Perform hand hygiene and don gloves
  9. Remove top bed clothes and put them on chairs and cover patient with a sheet
  10. Protect bottom sheet and pillow(s) with protective material
  11. Mix bath water in a basin to a desired temperature (30 – 400C) using a bath thermometer/the back of your hand/elbow
  12. Talk to the patient throughout the procedure
  13. Remove the patient’s clothes being careful not to cause any pain/discomfort to him/her
  14. Wash, rinse and dry patient’s face, neck and ears, using face towels (use soap if desired)
  15. Wash, rinse and dry the arms, first instruct the assisting nurse to wash hands farthest away from you(nurse) and then the arm nearest to you (nurse)
  16. Pay special attention to the hand, in between the fingers and the nails
  17. Wash, rinse and dry the chest and abdomen, (giving special care to the area under the breast if a female) the umbilicus and the folds of the skin in the groin
  18. Wash, rinse and dry the legs and feet in the same way as in step 14 paying special attention to toes
  19. Change water when necessary
  20. Clean the genitals (vulva into a bed pan if a female)
  21. Turn patient on his/her side and wash the back, rinse and dry thoroughly
  22. Examine and treat pressure areas
  23. Change the bottom linen if necessary
  24. Groom and put patient in a desired position and express appreciation to him/her
  25. Express appreciation to patient and direct him/her to the next activity
  26. Remove screen, clear trolley, disinfect used items and perform hand hygiene
  27. Document procedure and report any abnormalities in nurses’ notes/patient’s folder