Monday, May 27, 2024


Table of Contents


  • Trolley containing the following:
    1. Two big towels
    2. Two small towels
    3. Sponge
    4. Baby soap/shampoo
    5. Combs
    6. Baby cream (Vaseline or shea butter)
    7. Clothing (dress and diaper)
    8. Cot sheets
    9. Baby cap/booties/muttons
    10. Mackintosh apron
    11. Gloves
    12. Jug containing hot/cold water
    13. Two bowls (mixing water)
    14. Tray for cord dressing
      • Chlorhexidine gel/methylated spirit
      • Sterile cotton wool swab
      • Sterile gallipot
      • Sterile gloves
    15. Receiver for used swabs
    16. Cord clamp or ligature
  • Bath thermometer
  • Gallipot
  • Sterile cotton wool swab


  1. Establish rapport (refer steps)
  2. Explains procedure to client (Refer steps)
  3. Assemble all items to be used
  4. Prepare conducive bathing area
  5. Maintain infection prevention throughout the procedure
  6. Put on plastic apron, perform hand hygiene and wear gloves
  7. Mix and test temperature of water with elbow or bath thermometer
  8. Collect and put baby on a safe flat surface and undress him/her
  9. Allow mother to observe if possible
  10. Wrap baby with big towel/cot sheet
  11. Clean baby’s eyes with sterile cotton wool swabs from the inner canthus outwards with clean warm water
  12. Clean baby’s face with damp face towel
  13. Support nape of the baby’s neck and plug baby’s ears with two fingers/cotton wool swabs
  14. Wash hair with soapy sponge, rinse and dry thoroughly
  15. Cover baby’s hair with cap
  16. Wash the neck, paying attention to the folds
  17. Wash arms and front of trunk to the feet
  18. Turn the baby’s back with one arm supporting the chest and wash the back down to the feet
  19. Support baby and immerse baby’s body in a bath of warm water, with head above the water and rinse thoroughly
  20. Place baby on a bath towel/clean cot sheet
  21. Use small towel to dry the baby, paying attention to skin folds
  22. Apply body cream (Vaseline or shea butter) on baby, dress him/her up and expose cord
  23. Perform hand hygiene and put on sterile gloves
  24. Observe ligature/ cord clamp for looseness and re-clamp/re-ligate if necessary
  25. Hold stem of cord with one cotton wool swab soaked in spirit OR dry cotton wool swab when using chlorhexidine gel
  26. Swab skin 5cm away and around base of cord when using spirit OR apply gel from tip
  27. Swab stem from base upwards using a swab for each stroke till cord is cleaned or ensure gel spreads around the cord
  28. Swab the tip of the cord (with spirit) and leave cord exposed on top of the diaper in both cases
  29. Wrap baby and send him/her to client
  30. Communicate findings and express appreciation to mother
  31. Dispose off and decontaminate used items
  32. Perform hand hygiene
  33. Record into Maternal and Child Health Record Book (Manual and Electronic)
  34. Communicate findings to officer in-charge