Monday, May 27, 2024


Table of Contents


  1. Gown
  2. Examination couch
  3. Ball pen
  4. Maternal and Child Health Record Book (Manual/Electronic)
  5. Gallipot containing cotton swabs
  6. Kidney dish for used swabs


  1. Establish rapport (refer steps)
  2. Provide privacy and ensure client assume desired position
  3. Send tray to examination couch
  4. Assist client to undress and wear a gown
  5. Help client into a dorsal position on a couch
  6. Perform hand hygiene and warm hands
  7. Expose both breasts and inspect
  8. Compare breast for size, shape, colour and contour
  9. Cover one breast and expose the one to be examined
  10. Ask client to put the hand of the part to be examined under her head
  11. Support examining breast and palpate systematically with the pads of the fingers
  12. Teach client breast self-examination
  13. Squeeze the nipple gently for fluid, examine and clean with swab
  14. Repeat the same process for the other breast
  15. Express appreciation to client for cooperation
  16. Assist client out of couch and help to re-dress
  17. Communicate findings to client
  18. Dispose off and decontaminate used items
  19. Perform hand hygiene
  20. Record and report findings to Officer in-charge