Thursday, April 18, 2024


Table of Contents


  1. A trolley contaminating the following:
    1. Top shelf (a sterile field with the following)
      • Two sterile gallipot
      • Kidney dish
      • Sterile Cotton swab
      • Sterile drapes
    2. Bottom shelf
      • Antiseptic solution
      • Receiver for soiled items
      • Mackintosh and dressing towel
      • Disposable gloves
      • Sterile gloves
      • Urinal
      • Measuring jug
      • Urine bag if necessary
      • Antibiotic ointment


  1. Establish rapport with patient (Refer to steps)
  2. Explain procedure to patient (Refer to steps)
  3. Assemble necessary items
  4. Ensure privacy
  5. Perform hand hygiene, prepare trolley and send to bedside
  6. Put patient in the supine position
  7. Place mackintosh and dressing towel under patient
  8. Cover patient up so that only genital area is exposed
  9. Remove anchor device to free catheter tubing
  10. Perform hand hygiene and wear sterile gloves
  11. If it is a male, retract foreskin if present to expose urethral meatus, clean around catheter first, and then wipe in a circular motion around meatus and glans
  12. If it is a female, clean vulva using cotton wool swab and antiseptic solution towards anus, clean urethral meatus, moving down the catheter
  13. Inspect urethral meatus for discharge
  14. Use sterile cotton swab soaked in antiseptic lotion, wipe in a circular motion along the length of catheter
  15. Anchor catheter back
  16. Apply antibiotic ointment at urethral meatus and along 2.5cm of catheter
  17. Empty the urine and change the bag if necessary
  18. Record urine output
  19. Remove drape, mackintosh and dressing towel
  20. Remove gloves and perform hand hygiene
  21. Put patient into a desirable position
  22. Dispose off used items and decontaminate instruments and trolley
  23. Perform hand hygiene
  24. Document in nurses’ notes, intake and output chart (manual or electronic)
  25. Report findings to appropriate officer