Monday, May 27, 2024


Table of Contents


  1. Electronic thermometer (Oral, axilla, rectal)
  2. Breast watch or appropriate timer
  3. Dry cotton wool in gallipot
  4. Receiver for used swabs
  5. Temperature or observational chart (Manual or electronic)
  6. Pen


  1. Establish rapport with patient (Refer to steps)
  2. Explain procedure to patient (Refer to steps)
  3. Prepare and send tray to patient’s bedside
  4. Assist patient into an appropriate position
  5. Provide privacy
  6. Perform hand hygiene
  7. Expose and clean area where temperature will be taken, if:
    • Axilla – move clothing away from the patient shoulder and arm to expose the axilla and dry with clean cotton wool
    • Temporal – ensure that forehead is dry and wipe with dry cotton wool
    • Oral – ensure the mouth is empty
    • Rectal – move clothing away and expose the rectal area are cleaned with a clean soap
  8. Press knob to show reading on the screen
  9. Clean the thermometer with a dry cotton wool swab from bulb to the stem
  10. Check temperature as follows:
    • Axilla – inserts thermometer into the axilla between two skin folds
    • Temporal – place the probe flush on patient’s forehead
    • Oral – slide a clean disposable plastic cover over the temperature probe and place it gently under the tongue
    • Rectal – slide a clean disposable plastic cover over the temperature probe and place it gently into the rectum
  11. Leave thermometer for two to three minutes or as indicated by manufacturer
  12. Removes thermometer after beep, read and record findings on the chart
  13. Clean thermometer from stem to the bulb or remove and dispose off probe cover if used
  14. Perform hand hygiene
  15. Discuss findings with patient and report any abnormalities detected to appropriate officer
  16. Chart readings of on observation 14 hourly chart (manual or electronic)
  17. Assist patient to return to a desirable position
  18. Dispose off used items and return thermometer back to its storage section