Tuesday, April 16, 2024


Table of Contents


  1. Laboratory form
  2. Specimen container
  3. Bedpan or urinal
  4. Disposable gloves
  5. Tissue
  6. Ballpoint pen
  7. Mackintosh and dressing towel


  1. Confirm physician/doctor’s request against the specimen form with patient’s name, date and content of urinalysis (manual or electronic)
  2. Establish rapport with patient (Refer to steps)
  3. Explain the procedure (Refer to steps)
  4. Assemble requirements
  5. Label the bottle or container with the date, patient’s name, department identification and physician/doctor’s name
  6. Protect the bed with mackintosh and a dressing towel
  7. Perform hand hygiene and put on gloves
  8. Assist the patient/client to void into a clean bedpan/urinal
  9. Pour about 10-20 mL of urine into the labeled specimen bottle or container and cover the bottle or container
  10. Discard the excess urine
  11. Dispose off used items
  12. Remove gloves and perform hand hygiene.
  13. Send the specimen bottle or container to the laboratory immediately with the specimen form
  14. Document the procedure in the designated place