Monday, May 27, 2024


Table of Contents


  1. 1. A tray containing the following:
  2. a. Two gallipots (for mouth cleaning lotion and cotton wool or gauze)
  3. b. Two receivers (for used swab and return mouth wash)
  4. c. Mouth cleaning lotion (e.g. normal saline, sodium bicarbonate, weak strength of hydrogen peroxide, mouthwash)
  5. d. Padded Spatula
  6. e. Mouth gag
  7. f. Artery, sponge or dressing forceps
  8. g. Dissecting forceps
  9. h. Bowl for dentures if any
  10. i. Lip balm e.g. glycerine or vaseline
  11. j. Orange sticks (toothpick)
  12. k. Towel and mackintosh
  13. l. Jaconet cape/adult bib
  14. m. A jug of water


  1. Establish rapport (Refer to steps)
  2. Explain procedure to patient and provide privacy
  3. Perform hand hygiene
  4. Prepare tray and take to the patient’s bedside
  5. Put patient in a suitable position
  6. Protect patient’s bed linen with mackintosh and towel
  7. Protect patient’s neck area with the jaconet cape/adult bib
  8. Use the mouth jag to secure the mouth and position if available
  9. Assess the patient’s mouth with the aid of a padded spatula for any abnormalities and removes dentures if any
  10. Pour lotion into gallipots
  11. Take swab with forceps, dips into cleansing lotion and squeezes out excess
  12. Clean mouth thoroughly but gently i.e. from inside the cheeks, both sides of gums, tongue and palates changing swabs frequently
  13. Control movement of the tongue with padded spatula
  14. Use orange sticks to clean in between teeth
  15. Clean mouth with water or any diluted mouth wash
  16. Clean lips and apply lip balm e.g. vaseline or glycerin
  17. Assist patient to resume desirable position
  18. Dispose off used items, decontaminate, wash and sterilize instruments
  19. Perform hand hygiene
  20. Document procedure and findings (manual or electronic)
  21. Report to appropriate officer