Monday, May 27, 2024


Table of Contents


  1. Establish rapport (refer steps)
  2. Provide privacy and ensure client assume desired position
  3. Explain to client the need to attend antenatal clinic and procedures involved
  4. Explain the possible cause of leg cramps in pregnancy to her
  5. Teach client to dorsiflex the leg and bend the knees before retiring to bed
  6. Educate the woman to reduce the intake of processed food
  7. Educate the woman to take in more fluids and food containing calcium, magnesium and phosphate
  8. Encourage client to apply local heat to for relief of pain
  9. Advice client to elevates lower limbs throughout the day to promote circulation
  10. Advice client not to exercise or stretch the limbs vigorously to avoid possible dislodge of blood clot into circulation
  11. Advice client to report to the clinic in case of severe leg cramps
  12. Encourage client to ask questions and give appropriate answers
  13. Emphasize the need for client to adhere to information given
  14. Express appreciation of client for her cooperation
  15. Record and report all information in the Maternal and Child Health Book (Manual or Electronic)