Monday, May 27, 2024


Table of Contents


  1. Good light source
  2. Kidney dish
  3. Disposable gloves
  4. Disposable polythene bag
  5. Mackintosh apron
  6. Receiver


  1. Ensure good light source as area of examination
  2. Wear mackintosh apron and don gloves
  3. Receive placenta and wash under running water
  4. Observe placental size and shape
  5. Inspect the maternal surface in cupped hand or flat surface
  6. Ensure that all lobes of the placenta is complete
  7. Turn the placenta and observe foetal surface
  8. Observe the insertion of the cord
  9. Check blood vessels (two arteries and one vein)
  10. Check the length of the cord
  11. Check presence of knots
  12. Dispose off and decontaminate used items
  13. Perform hand hygiene
  14. Record in Maternal and Child Health Record Book (Manual/Electronic)
  15. Report any abnormalities to officer in-charge