Monday, May 27, 2024


Table of Contents


  1. Chairs (depending on number of participants)
  2. Table
  3. Pen and notepad
  4. Serene environment
  5. Assisting nurse(s)
  6. Patient’s folder (Electronic/Manual)


  1. Advance Preparation:\1. Prepare list of participants
  2. Prepare participants, venue, give time and date
  3. Identify a topic for discussion
  4. Ensure participants have taken their medication, meals and are well groomed
  5. Welcome and receive participants to the session
  6. Sit participants according to their desired pattern (circular/horse shoe)
  7. Establish rapport (refer procedure) and explain the procedure to the participants
  8. Ask participants to introduce themselves
  9. Identify a secretary for the session(assisting nurse)
  10. Discuss with participants the goals of the session
  11. Explain to participants the ground rules of the session
  12. Initiate and direct discussion
  13. Observe and involve all participants in the discussion
  14. Recognize and identify conflicts and help participants to resolve them if applicable
  15. Review the session highlighting achievements of goals for the session
  16. Encourage participants to ask questions and answer appropriately
  17. Summarize with the participants what has been discussed for the day
  18. Set date, time and venue for the next session
  19. Express appreciation to participants and direct them to the next activity
  20. Close the session and arrange for departure of participants
  21. Document the procedure and any observation made in nurses’ notes/Patient’s folder