Monday, December 4, 2023


Table of Contents


  1. Tables and Chairs (where necessary)
  2. Available recreational items
    1. Radio
    2. Television
    3. Playing cards
    4. Ludo
    5. Draught
    6. Oware
    7. Football
  3. Assisting nurse(s)
  4. Serene environment
  5. Patient’s folder (Electronic/Manual)


  1. Advance Preparation
    1. Prepare patient(s)
    2. Prepare venue, give time and date
    3. Ensure patient(s) has/have taken medication, meals and is/are well groomed
    4. Organize recreational items ( both indoor/outdoor)  
  2. Welcome and receive patient(s)
  3. Sit patient(s) in a desired pattern
  4. Establish rapport (refer procedure) and explain the procedure to the patient(s)
  5. Identify specific interests and capabilities of the patient(s)
  6. Gather all the necessary recreational items for the therapy
  7. Organize the therapy in the ward/outdoor/in a special department according to patient(s) interest
  8. Modify therapy according to the age and physical strength of the patient
  9. Sit closer/opposite patient(s) or be with patient(s) depending upon the recreational activity of choice
  10. Explain the rules of the game to the patient(s)
  11. Initiate and demonstrate how the recreational activity is performed
  12. Play games/ recreational activity with the patient(s)
  13. Observe patient’s attention span, performance rate and interaction 13. Allow patient(s) to win most of the rounds when you are playing with him/her e.g. ludo
  14. Ask patient(s) opinion about the game and allow them to express their feelings
  15. Encourage patient(s) to ask questions and answer appropriately
  16. Close the activity by indicating to patient the positive aspect of his/her behavoiur during the activity
  17. Express appreciation to patient(s) and direct them to the next activity
  18. Document the procedure and any observation made in nurses’ notes/Patient’s folder