Monday, May 27, 2024


Table of Contents


  1. Trolley containing the following:
    1. Top shelf: A jar of water
    2. Tray containing the following:
      1. Food in a plastic bowl
      2. A plastic cup
      3. Cutlery
      4. Flowers
      5. Condiments
      6. Disposable tissue paper
    3. Bottom Shelf
      1. Mackintosh/protective covering
      2. Sputum mug
      3. Hand washing soap
      4. Hand washing bowl


  1. Establish rapport (refer procedure)
  2. Explain the procedure to the patient
  3. Prepare patient’s food trolley with preferred food and send it to the bed side/appropriate place
  4. Provide privacy
  5. Put patient in a desired position and cover his/her chest with protective material
  6. Perform hand hygiene and assist patient to do same
  7. Give patient water to rinse the mouth
  8. Sit by patient and encourage patient to eat and if this fails, spoon feed patient
  9. Encourage patient to take food in small bits or feed patient in small bits
  10. Encourage and give enough time for patient to chew and swallow the food
  11. Encourage the patient to take at least half of the meals served
  12. Give patient water as and when appropriate
  13. Remove protective material
  14. Assist patient to perform hand hygiene after feeding
  15. Express appreciation and put patient in a desired position
  16. Direct patient to the next activity
  17. Clear the trolley and perform hand hygiene
  18. Document procedure and any observations made in nurses’ notes/patient’s folder