Monday, May 27, 2024


Table of Contents


  1. A trolley with the following items:
    1. Two large cotton sheet (Bed linen)
    2. One water proof draw mackintosh or bed mat if necessary
    3. One draw sheet
    4. Pillow slips
    5. One top sheet
    6. Counterpane if necessary
  2. Two chairs or heart table
  3. Mattress
  4. One or two pillows
  5. Fracture boards
  6. Bed blocks or elevators
  7. Sand bags with covers
  8. Extra mackintosh and dressing towel


  1. Perform hand hygiene
  2. Collect, arranges items on trolley and send to bedside
  3. Arrange items in order of use on chairs or heart table
  4. Place fracture boards under the mattress to provide firm support and prevent sagging
  5. Place bottom sheet evenly on the bed
  6. Pull sheet tight so that there are no creases
  7. Tuck the bottom sheet evenly under the mattress at the top and bottom using mitered or enveloped corners
  8. Pull and tuck sheet at the sides to prevent creases
  9. Place bed mat or draw mackintosh at the mid portion of the bed
  10. Cover mackintosh or bed mat with draw sheet and tuck in at the sides
  11. Place small mackintosh and dressing towel at where the fracture is located on the bed
  12. Slip the pillow cases on the pillows with an assistant
  13. Place pillows on bed with open ends away from the entrance
  14. Place top sheet on bed with the wrong side uppermost
  15. Fold over at the bottom and tuck in loosely
  16. Place bed cover and counterpane (if necessary) loosely over the bed
  17. Fold over top bed clothing at the bottom end
  18. Place a foot board or sand bags at the foot end of the bed
  19. Tuck in sheets loosely at the sides
  20. Attach bed accessories if any
  21. Remove trolley and chair or heart table
  22. Perform hand hygiene