Tuesday, April 16, 2024


Table of Contents


  1. Visual aids (flip chart)
  2. Maternal and Child Health Book (Manual or Electronic)
  3. Sample of insecticide treated mosquito net
  4. Sample of Sulphadoxine Pyrimethamine tablet
  5. Conducive room or enclosed area
  6. Chairs


  1. Establish rapport (refer steps)
  2. Explain procedure to client (refer steps)
  3. Provide privacy and ensure client assume desired position
  4. Explain to client the need to attend antenatal clinic and procedures involved
  5. Find out about client’s environment and how she protects herself from mosquito bites
  6. Find out from client whether she sleeps under insecticide treated mosquito net
  7. Inform client about the importance of sleeping in insecticide treated mosquito net (ITN)
  8. Educate client on the use of insecticide treated mosquito net
  9. Teach client other measures of preventing malaria
  10. Teach client about the importance of environmental cleanliness
  11. Inform client about intermittent preventive Treatment (IPT) and when to begin dosage
  12. Find out allergies to sulphur drugs and client’s G6PD status
  13. Educate client on the importance of taking all the 5 doses at 4 weekly intervals till delivery
  14. Inform client about the benefits of malaria prevention and the risk of malaria to her and the unborn baby
  15. Educate client on the signs and symptoms of malaria and the need to report promptly
  16. Allow client to ask questions and respond appropriately
  17. Express appreciation of client for her cooperation
  18. Record all information in the Maternal and Child Health Book (Manual and Electronic)