Monday, May 27, 2024


Table of Contents


  1. A trolley containing the following:
    • Vital signs tray
    • Theatre gown
    • Name tag
    • Mackintosh and dressing towel
    • Sterile gauze in a gallipot
    • Antiseptic solution
    • Bowl of water
    • Soap and sponge
    • Sterile drape
    • Adhesive strip
    • Urinal/bedpan
  2. Consent form
  3. Pre-medication as ordered
  4. Patient’s medical records (Manual or electronic)


  1. Confirm the type of surgical procedure and site against physician/doctor’s order
  2. Establish rapport with patient (Refer to steps)
  3. Prepare and send trolley to bedside
  4. Provide privacy
  5. Ask patient to empty bladder/bowel
  6. Place patient into a desirable position
  7. Expose the site to be prepared
  8. Protect the bed clothes with a mackintosh and dressing towel
  9. Wear gloves
  10. Wash the area with mild soap and water
  11. Dry and clean area with antiseptic lotion
  12. Cover area with sterile drape and secure it in position with adhesive strapping
  13. Dress patient with a clean theatre gown
  14. Label and apply the name tag as per facility’s protocol
  15. Remove accessories and dentures if any
  16. Check and record vital signs
  17. Assist patient to sign the consent form as per facility’s protocol
  18. Confirm if all laboratory results, items for surgery and medications are ready for the procedure
  19. Dispose off used items and decontaminate trolley
  20. Perform hand hygiene
  21. Give prescribed pre-medication when patient is ready for the theatre
  22. Send patient to the theater either on a stretcher or wheelchair
  23. Hand over patient, medical records and items to the theater staff
  24. Document procedure in the appropriate notes (manual/electronic)
  25. Prepare an operation bed to receive the patient