Monday, May 27, 2024


Table of Contents


A trolley containing the following:

  1. Top shelf
    1. Adequate supply of tablet for documentation or the following stationery:
      • Patient’s Medical Records
      • Nurse’s changes book
      • Continuation sheet
      • Treatment sheet
      • Investigative request forms e.g. X’ray, laboratory
      • Prescription form
      • Stapler with pins
  2. Bottom shelf
    • Vital signs tray
    • Diagnostic set
    • Pocket torch light
    • Measuring tape
    • Disposable tongue depressors/padded spatula
    • Neurological set
    • Receiver for used articles
    • Other trays may be set depending on the specific needs of patient


  1. Ensure the ward and its annexes are clean
  2. Ensure all patients and visitors are in bed and out of the ward respectively
  3. Conduct charge nurse’s round, note down concerns and complaints of patients
  4. Classify patients according to their needs or depending on the protocol of the unit
  5. Ensure all reports are dully filed and records are up to date
  6. Arrange patient’s medical records in the correct sequence for the rounds
  7. Facilitate rounds, present patients’ problems, concerns and progress
  8. Assist when doctor is examining the patients
  9. Give patients’ opportunity to ask questions
  10. Provide appropriate answers to patients’ questions
  11. Record all changes, directives and tasks assigned in appropriate documents
  12. Ensure patient’s notes are returned to their proper place on the rack after the procedure