Monday, May 27, 2024


Table of Contents


  1. Seclusion room which must satisfy the following:
    1. Room must be painted in calming colours
    2. Room must be lit
    3. Mattress should be on the floor
    4. Walls should be padded
    5. Disposable bedpan and urinal
  2. Patient’s folder (Electronic/Manual)
  3. Observation chart


  1. Advance Preparation
    1. Ensure that seclusion is prescribed
    2. Prepare seclusion room with secured lock
    3. Determine duration and provide for the needs of patient
      1. Regular observation (15- 20mins intervals)
      2. Provision of adequate fluids and meals
      3. Opportunity for communication
    4. Arrange for contingency strategy if seclusion has to be abandoned
    5. Identify restrain team
    6. Prepare observation chart
  2. Establish rapport (refer procedure) and explain procedure
  3. Lead team to restrain patient with extra clothing and remove dangerous articles from him/her
  4. The team takes restrained patient into the seclusion room and locks him/her in
  5. Maintain patient’s dignity and value as an individual while restraining
  6. Observe patient’s behaviour in seclusion every 15 -20 minutes and record on observation chart
  7. Ensure that patient receives his/her meals and water while in seclusion (use disposable plates and cups)
  8. Serve bedpan/urinal upon request by patient in seclusion
  9. Maintain communication with patient during the period of seclusion
  10. Administer prescribed medication at appropriate time
  11. Appraise the effectiveness of the seclusion
  12. Document the procedure in nurses’ notes/patient’s folder; indicating incident leading to use of seclusion, duration of seclusion, time patient was out from seclusion, reaction of patient and all nursing care given
  13. Find alternative means of calming patient if he/she is still disturbing in the seclusion room