Tuesday, April 16, 2024


Table of Contents


  1. Patient’s folder (Electronic/Manual)
  2. Table
  3. Chairs


  1. Advance Preparation
    1. Ensure that treatment has been prescribed by the doctor
    2. Set up an appointment with the patient and the therapist
    3. Prepare the venue for the therapy
    4. Ensure patient has taken his/her medication, meal and is well groomed
  2. Establish rapport (refer procedure) and explain the rationale and importance of the therapy to the patient
  3. Allow patient to ask questions about the treatment and answer appropriately
  4. Refer difficult questions to the ward in-charge/therapist
  5. Remind patient about the time he/she is expected at the O.T department
  6. Ensure that patient has taken his/her bath and is well groomed
  7. Ensure patient has taken his/her meals and medication(s)
  8. Observe if patient’s mood is appropriate before sending him/her to the O.T. department
  9. Accompany patient to the O.T. department
  10. Introduce and hand over and patient to O.T. nurse/therapist
  11. Document the time patient leaves the ward for O.T. department, time of his/her return to the ward and any observations made in the nurse’ notes/patients folder