Tuesday, April 16, 2024


Table of Contents


  1. A trolley containing the following:
    1. Top shelf
      1. Gallipot
      2. Drape
      3. Kidney dish
      4. 10-20mls syringe
    2. Bottom shelf
      1. Bed pen
      2. Measuring jug
      3. Mackintosh and dressing towel
      4. Disposable gloves
      5. Receiver
      6. Jug of water, bowel, soap and towel
    3. Intake and output chart (Manual or Electronic)


  1. Review doctor/physician’s order for catheter removal
  2. Explain the procedure to patient
  3. Provide privacy
  4. Prepare and take trolley to the bedside
  5. Put patient into a supine position with the legs opened and flexed
  6. Place mackintosh and dressing towel beneath the patient
  7. Fold top bed clothings over and exposed the perineal area
  8. Perform hand hygiene
  9. Wear gloves and place a towel between legs of the female patient/on the thighs of the male patient
  10. Insert the syringe into the injection port of catheter and withdraw water from the balloon
  11. Instruct patient to take in breath whiles you withdraw the catheter
  12. Withdraw the catheter gently and place into a receiver
  13. Dry the perineal area with a towel
  14. Measure urine in the measuring jug
  15. Remove mackintosh and dressing towel
  16. Remove gloves
  17. Perform hand hygiene
  18. Reposition patient
  19. Dispose off used items and decontaminate trolley
  20. Perform hand hygiene
  21. Document findings and record urine output in nurses’ notes, intake and output chart