Tuesday, April 16, 2024


Table of Contents


  1. Patient’s folder (electronic/manual)
  2. Incident book
  3. Nurse(s)
  4. Admission and Discharge book
  5. Daily ward state


  1. Search the immediate ward for patient. If not found;
  2. Get other nurses to assist you search the ward and hospital environment
  3. Inform the Charge Nurse immediately if patient is still not found
  4. Inform the following about the patient’s absconsion:
    1. Prescriber
    2. Hospital Security officer
    3. Psychiatric Social welfare officer
    4. Police
    5. Media
  5. Provide the above mentioned personnel with the appropriate information about the absconded patient. (e.g. name, age, sex, physique, residential address, etc.)
  6. Inform next of kin
  7. Document abscond of patient in the patient’s folder, daily ward state, incident book (stating the time patient’s absence was realized)
  8. Ensure patient is discharged in absentia by the prescriber if he/she fails to return within 72 hours and document appropriately
  9. Gather and label patient’s personal belongings for safe keeping