Monday, May 27, 2024


Table of Contents


  1. A clean tray containing:
    1. Shaving device (Electronic/Disposable)
    2. Razor/Scissors
    3. Soap in a dish
    4. Alcohol rub
    5. Cotton wool swabs
    6. Sterile gauze
    7. A jar of water
    8. Gallipot
    9. Receiver for used sharps/swabs
    10. Protective material
    11. Gloves
    12. After-shave lotion/talcum powder
    13. Antiseptic lotion
  2. Screen


  1. Establish rapport (refer procedure)
  2. Explain procedure to the patient
  3. Determine the patient’s usual shaving routine
  4. Gather the patient’s preferred equipment taking into consideration any potential hazards
  5. Set and send tray to the bedside/appropriate place for the procedure
  6. Provide privacy
  7. Place patient in a sitting up position or lying position depending on the condition
  8. Cover patient with protective clothing e.g. mackintosh and towel
  9. Wear protective clothing and don gloves
  10. Inspect the face for any abnormalities such as elevated moles, birthmarks, lesions etc.
  11. Lather the face with shaving cream or soap according to patient’s preference
  12. Use short strokes with shaving device (electronic/disposable) and shave in the direction of the hair growth
  13. Start from the upper face and lip and extend to the neck
  14. Instruct the patient to tilt his/her head to help shave folded or curved areas
  15. Use the hand without the shaving device to pull the skin below the area being shaved
  16. Rinse the shaving device after each stroke as appropriate
  17. Rinse and dry the face when done
  18. Apply the patient’s choice of after-shave lotion
  19. Express appreciation to patient and direct him/her to the next activity
  20. Clear the tray, disinfect used items and perform hand hygiene
  21. Document procedure and any observations made in the nurses’ note/patient’s folder