Tuesday, April 16, 2024


Table of Contents


  1. A trolley containing the following:
    1. Top shelf:
      • Two bowls/basin
      • 6-8 small towels
      • Vital signs tray
      • Bath thermometer (if available)
    2. Bottom shelf:
      • Two jugs with hot and cold water respectively
      • Disposable gloves
      • Long mackintosh and bath blanket
      • Receptacle for soiled linen
      • Receptacle for used water
      • New linen and clothing
      • Bath towel


  1. Establish rapport with patient and relatives (Refer to steps)
  2. Explain procedure to patient and relatives (Refer to steps)
  3. Provide privacy
  4. Perform hand hygiene
  5. Prepare trolley and send to the bedside
  6. Check and record patient’s temperature
  7. Arrange top bed/counterpane clothes leaving top sheet
  8. Protect bottom sheet with a long mackintosh and bath blanket
  9. Undress the patient leaving him/her covered with the top sheet
  10. Prepare the tepid water in the bowel/basin, test the water with the bath thermometer or elbow
  11. Place the pieces of towels into the basin with tepid water
  12. Squeeze out excess water, place a wet towel in each axilla and groin
  13. Change the wet towel frequently to keep them tepid
  14. Sponge lower limbs, trunk, back and upper arms in strokes
  15. Wash and dry the face of the patient to refresh him/her
  16. Place the wet towel on the forehead of patient
  17. Leave small drops of water on the skin
  18. Change water as often as necessary
  19. Leave patient for 15-20 minutes
  20. Cover the patient with the top bedclothing
  21. Recheck temperature and record
  22. Repeat procedure till temperatures falls by 1℃
  23. Remove long mackintosh and bath blanket
  24. Assist patient to dress up and put him/her into a desirable position
  25. Perform hand hygiene
  26. Serve cold drink if patient can tolerate
  27. Serve prescribed antipyretic
  28. Document procedures, charts temperature and report findings to appropriate officer