Monday, May 27, 2024


Table of Contents


  1. Patient’s medical records (Manual or electronic)
  2. Referral notes (Manual or electronic)


  1. Confirm transfer of patient/client with the referring unit or hospital
  2. Make appropriate bed to receive the patient/client
  3. Assemble necessary equipment e.g. oxygen cylinders, suction machine, vital signs tray etc.
  4. Assemble documentation and investigation forms (Manual or electronic)
  5. Receive incoming patient/client, relatives and accompanying nurse warmly
  6. Confirm identity of patient/client with accompanying nurse
  7. Explain the importance of the transfer to the patient to obtain his/her cooperation
  8. Take over transfer notes and personal belongings from accompanying nurse
  9. Ask for clarification on vital issues pertaining to patients/clients condition from the accompanying nurse
  10. Introduce yourself and other staff to patient/client and relatives
  11. Admit patient into bed ensuring patient safety
  12. Do quick assessment of patients/clients condition and compare with patient/clients medical records
  13. Assess for any drainage or tubings and connects appropriately e.g. oxygen, intravenous line, urinary catheter etc.
  14. Review patients notes, treatment plan and act accordingly
  15. Orientate patient/client and relatives on environment and routine of the unit if necessary
  16. Document all assessments, findings and treatments in nurses’ notes (manually or electronically)
  17. Plan care for the patient/client