Tuesday, April 16, 2024


Table of Contents


  1. Wheelchair or Stretcher if necessary
  2. Patient’s medication(s)
  3. Patient’s personal belongings
  4. Patient’s folder (Electronic/Manual)
  5. Referral form
  6. Accompanying nurse(s)
  7. Ambulance (where necessary)


  1. Inform patient and relative(s) about the transfer and give reasons
  2. Allay patient’s fears and anxiety
  3. Ensure that the prescriber has signed transfer document
  4. Inform the unit/ward or the facility patient is being transferred to (name, condition, medications, test, time etc.)
  5. Ensure that all documents are completely signed
  6. Assist patient to pack belongings and ensure no ward property or other patient’s item(s) is/are taken
  7. Record transfer in necessary documents (file movement, nurses’ notes)
  8. Accompany patient to the unit/ward or facility and introduce him/her to the receiving nurse
  9. Hand over patient’s folder/referral form, medication(s) and belongings to receiving nurse
  10. Check patient’s items with receiving nurse
  11. Ask the receiving nurse for any further questions regarding the patient’s transfer
  12. Express appreciation to patient and receiving nurse and bid them farewell
  13. Ensure that bed linen, mattress and bedstead are disinfected
  14. Perform hand hygiene
  15. Inform other departments within the hospital of the patient’s change in location
  16. Document in the admission and discharge book, Daily ward State and nurses’ notes