Tuesday, April 16, 2024


Table of Contents


  1. Trolley containing the following:
    1. Sanitary pad
    2. Sterile gloves
    3. HLD Gloves
    4. Galipot
    5. Jug with warm water
    6. Bed pan
    7. Savlon, Dettol or Hibitane)
    8. Macintosh
    9. Draw sheet
    10. Drapes
    11. Sponge holding forceps (Sterile)
    12. Sterile swabs
    13. Receiver


  1. Establish rapport (refer steps)
  2. Explain procedure to client (refer steps)
  3. Provide privacy and let client assume dorsal position with knees flexed
  4. Wear rubber apron
  5. Send trolley to bedside
  6. Mix warm water for swabbing with lotion
  7. Test the water temperature with elbow
  8. Place mackintosh under client and drape her
  9. Wear gloves and place bedpan under client
  10. Remove perineal pad using one hand
  11. Inspect the lochia (colour, amount, odour)
  12. Discard soiled perineal pad
  13. Inspect vulva and perineum
  14. Remove glove, perform hand hygiene and wear sterile gloves
  15. Pour water gently over vulva and clean the vestibule
  16. Clean the labia minora, majora and then pour water gently over the vulva
  17. Clean and dry client and remove bedpan  
  18. Place clean pad at the vulva and make client assume desirable position
  19. Educate client on proper perineal care
  20. Communicate findings and appreciate client for her cooperation
  21. Disposed off and decontaminate used items
  22. Perform hand hygiene
  23. Record into Maternal and Child Health Record Book (Manual and Electronic)
  24. Record and report findings to the officer in-charge