Thursday, July 25, 2024


Table of Contents


  1. A trolley containing:
    1. Top shelf
      1. Bucket for bath water
      2. Sponge
      3. Bath towel
      4. Soap in a dish
      5. Talcum powder
      6. Comb and hair brush
      7. Tooth brush and tooth paste/chewing sponge/stick
      8. Bath thermometer
    2. Bottom shelf:
      1. Bucket to receive used water
      2. Two jugs for hot and cold water
      3. Gown
      4. Receptacle for dirty clothing
      5. Mirror
      6. Patient clothes
      7. Preferred body cream/lotion
      8. Tissue paper
      9. Examination gloves
  2. Screen
  3. Assisting nurse(s)


  1. Establish rapport (refer procedure)
  2. Explain procedure to the patient
  3. Provide privacy
  4. Mix bath water in a bucket to a desired temperature (30-400C) using a bath thermometer/the back of your hand/elbow and send toiletries to the bathroom
  5. Ask for a helping hand from another nurse if appropriate
  6. Ensure that enough nurses are around and let them know your where about
  7. Speak in a calm gentle tone and coax patient to come to the bathroom with the help of the assisting nurse(s)
  8. Continue to speak gently to patient as you (nurse) help him/her to undress
  9. Supervise patient to bath and assist him/her where necessary
  10. Emphasis should be laid on hair, armpit, groin, genitals and under the breast if female
  11. Observe body for any abnormalities e.g. rashes, cuts, swelling etc.
  12. Supervise patient to dry him/herself with a towel and assist where necessary
  13. Supervise and assist patient to groom and change into new clothes
  14. Express appreciation to patient and direct him/her to the next activity
  15. Remove screen, clear trolley, disinfect used items and perform hand hygiene
  16. Document procedure, report any abnormalities and indicate patient’s level of co-operation in the nurses’ notes/patient’s folder