Sunday, July 21, 2024



  1. A trolley with the following items:
    • Two large cotton sheet (Bed linen)
    • One water proof draw mackintosh or bed mat if necessary
    • One draw sheet
    • Pillow slips
    • One top sheet
    • Counterpane if necessary
  2. Two chairs or heart table
  3. Mattress
  4. One or two pillows
  5. Linen bin or receptacle
  6. Disposable gloves if necessary


  1. Establish rapport (Refer to steps)
  2. Explain procedure to patient to gain his/her cooperation and participation
  3. Ensure patient privacy
  4. Perform hand hygiene
  5. Collect and arrange items on trolley and bring them to the bedside
  6. Arrange sheets in order of use on chairs or a heart table
  7. Remove any equipment attached to the bed e.g. drip stand, side rails etc.
  8. Loosen sheets at the side of bed and remove extra beddings leaving only the top sheet
  9. Leave patient with only one pillow and cover him/her with top sheet
  10. Assist the patient to turn to the side away from the clean portion of the linen supported by another nurse
  11. Roll dirty bottom sheet under patient use glove if necessary
  12. Cover the bed with a clean rolled bottom sheet halfway in the middle of the bed
  13. Create a mitered or envelope corner at the ends
  14. Put on bed mat or draw mackintosh and draw sheet mid portion of the bed tucking in greater part nearest to the door
  15. Assist patient gently unto the clean sheet
  16. Remove dirty bottom sheet and places it in a receptacle
  17. Pull the bottom sheet at the other end tightly and tuck in
  18. Spread top sheets and counterpane if necessary over the existing sheets
  19. Ask assistant to hold the top edge of the clean sheets while the old sheet is gradually pulled down to the foot end of the bed and place in a receptacle
  20. Cover patient with top sheet and counterpane if necessary and make patient comfortable
  21. Clear items and removes screen
  22. Perform hand hygiene
  23. Document findings and report