Thursday, July 25, 2024


Table of Contents


  1. Vital signs tray
  2. BP apparatus
  3. Patient’s folder (Electronic/Manual)
  4. TPR and BP chart


  1. Advance preparation
    1. Ensure E.C.T has been prescribed
    2. Inform patient and relative(s) about date and time
    3. Ensure nil per os
    4. Develop goals for preparing patient for E.C.T
      1. Preparing patient emotionally
      2. Preparing patient physically
    5. Educate patient and relative(s) on E.C.T
    6. Ensure consent form is signed
  2. Establish rapport (refer procedure) and explain procedure to patient and relative(s)
  3. Encourage patient and relative(s) to ask questions and respond appropriately
  4. Refer questions beyond you to the ward in charge
  5. Supervise/ assist patient to maintain his/her personal hygiene
  6. Check if patient has signed the consent form
  7. Ensure nil per os
  8. Remove all jewelry (hair pin, watch, rings, etc.)
  9. Remove tight clothing and give patient loose gown to wear
  10. Remove dentures, label and put them in safe place
  11. Check vital signs and record
  12. Ensure all laboratory investigations/ anaesthetic assessment are carried out
  13. Document and report on the physical and mental state of the patient as well as the time of departure to the ECT department in the nurses’ notes/patient’s folder
  14. Accompany patient to the ECT department, introduce and hand him/ her over to the ECT staff