Thursday, July 25, 2024
Table of Contents


  1. A trolley with the following items:
    • Two large cotton sheet (Bed linen)
    • One water proof draw mackintosh or bed mat if necessary
    • One draw sheet
    • Pillow slips
    • One top sheet
    • Counterpane if necessary
  2. Two chairs or heart table
  3. Mattress
  4. One or two pillows
  5. Back rest
  6. Extra pillows
  7. Foot rest or sandbags
  8. Air ring
  9. Sputum mug
  10. Bell
  11. Heart table
  12. Writing material (e.g. Pen and paper)


  1. Perform hand hygiene
  2. Collect, arrange items on trolley and send to bedside
  3. Arrange items in order of use on a chair or heart table
  4. Place bottom sheet evenly on the bed
  5. Pull sheet tight so that there are no creases
  6. Tuck the sheet evenly under the mattress at the top and bottom using enveloped or mitered corners
  7. Place bed mat or draw mackintosh at the mid portion of the bed
  8. Cover mackintosh with draw sheet and tuck in at the sides
  9. Place covered air rings in between the mackintosh and draw sheet
  10. Slip the pillow cases on the pillows with an assistant
  11. Place/elevate back rest at top end of bed
  12. Arrange pillows in an arm chair-like fashion
  13. Place top sheet on bed with the wrong side upper most and folds sheets over at the bottom
  14. Place foot rest/sand bags in position
  15. Tuck in the sides of top clothing loosely
  16. Place heart table with covered pillows in position
  17. Place sputum mug and bell within reach of patient
  18. Place writing materials within reach of patient
  19. Clear items (chairs and trolley)
  20. Perform hand hygiene