Sunday, July 21, 2024


Table of Contents


  1. Patient’s medical records (Manual or electronic)
  2. Referral notes (Manual or electronic)


  1. Confirm patients trans-out order with medical team
  2. Assess patients/client’s condition
  3. Inform the receiving unit or facility about the intended transfer and the state of patient
  4. Explain reason for the trans out to patient and relatives
  5. Arrange for accompanying nurse and appropriate means of transportation
  6. Collect all necessary data
  7. Pack patient’s personal belongings
  8. Collect patient’s medication, laboratory results and transfer
  9. Ensure patient settle bills where applicable
  10. Assist patient onto stretcher, wheelchair or ambulance where applicable
  11. Hand over patient’s notes and belongings to the accompanying nurse
  12. Ensure linen are removed
  13. Decontaminate beds and its accessories
  14. Make new bed for next patient