Thursday, July 25, 2024


Table of Contents


  1. A trolley
    1. Top shelf
      1. Shampoo
      2. Conditioner
      3. Comb
      4. Brush
      5. Mirror
      6. Receiver
      7. Hair pomade
      8. Face towel
      9. Bath towels
      10. Hair accessories
      11. Examination gloves
      12. Gallipot with cotton balls
      13. Protective material
      14. Long mackintosh
      15. Bowl/bucket
      16. Rubber apron
      17. Two jugs (big) of water (cold and hot)
      18. Small jug/pail
      19. Hair dryer/any accessory to dry hair
  2. Bottom shelf
  3. Screen
  4. Sink if available
  5. Assisting nurse(s)


  1. Establish rapport (refer procedure)
  2. Explain procedure to patient
  3. Prepare and send trolley to appropriate place and provide privacy
  4. Perform hand hygiene, put on rubber apron and don gloves
  5. Put patient in a desired position
  6. Arrange long mackintosh into a trough, fashion under the patient’s shoulders, neck and head and extend it down into a bowl/bucket or sink
  7. Cover the patient’s neck and shoulders with the protective material
  8. Comb and detangle hair
  9. Cover patient’s eyes with towel and plug ears with cotton balls
  10. Wet patient’s hair and apply soap/shampoo
  11. Massage scalp systematically starting at the front to the back of the head, rinse and repeat till hair is clean
  12. Wipe any moisture around eye, face and neck with face towel
  13. Squeeze hair gently, tie hair up in a towel and dry thoroughly with a towel or a hand dryer if available
  14. Apply pomade, comb and style hair to patient’s preference
  15. Remove mackintosh and towel, and leave patient dry and comfortable
  16. Express appreciation to patient and direct him/her to the next activity
  17. Remove screen, clear trolley, decontaminate used items and perform hand hygiene
  18. Document procedure, report any abnormalities and indicate patient’s level of co-operation in the nurses’ notes/patient’s folder